Hi, I'm Rachel Townsend.

Born and raised in West Tennessee, I come from a background in creative writing and photography that stretches back nearly 12 years. I have 8+ years in journalism/photojournalism, and I serve as the designer and editor for She Magazine, a publication dedicated to celebrating and sharing the stories of female leaders, business professionals, role models, homemakers, and small business owners across West Tennessee and the Delta. I am the managing editor of the State Gazette in Dyersburg. I have a fondness for natural light photography, as well as black and white compositions, and landscapes.

When snapping family portraits, I always think that candid photos make for some of the best photos-no pressure, no awkwardness, just natural flow that reflects the essence of the person and the moment. Nothing can beat it. It's my goal to provide you and your family with a stress-free session that will leave you with images that you can cherish for years to come.

I'm the proud mother of two amazing teenagers, and in my spare time I enjoy kayaking with my significant other, reading, photography, cycling, and spending time with my dogs, Nuzzles Peppermint and Shadow "Shady Dog", and cat, Bijou "Fluffybutt". I look forward to meeting you, working with you, and capturing your special moments in life. Thank you for supporting my small business!